What To Pack

  Passports for Border Crossing

  Life Jacket
          It is required by law that each person MUST wear a LIFE JACKET or certified PFD. Each person is responsible for their own.
          Gawley's Little Beaver Lodge WILL NOT be liable for guests that don't abide by this law.

  Outdoor Card and Fishing License


  First Aid Kit

  Fishing Gear

  Depth Finder

  Filet Knife / Sharpening Stone

  Rain Gear / Rubber Boots

  Warm Clothing

  Food / Beverages

  Toilet Paper / Dish Soap / Paper Towel


  Wooden Matches


  Camera / Film

  Sun Glasses

  Sun Screen

  Bug Repellent

  Cards / Games

CLICK HERE To download the checklist to your computer.

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